THE FARMHOUSE – Borgo Pirolino is a farmhouse 6 kms from Orvieto, set in an excellent panoramic position, enjoys a breathtaking view of the beautiful Umbrian town and its picturesque volcanic plateau. The farmhouse is all surrounded by greenery and it is part of a family run farm with animals and their products (oil, preserves, jams, wine). Inside the property you will find the houses of family not far from restored buildings used for the reception. The atmosphere and the spirit of Borgo Pirolino are closely linked to the tradition and authenticity of the place providing to create a warm, family atmosphere, offering the chance to enjoy authentic rural life and stay in a small country village where time is deliberately stopped …

NATURE – Thanks to its position Borgo Pirolino is an ideal place to discover the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of the countryside life, the taste of its fruit and good rest away from everyday stress. Nature lovers will also appreciate the wide green spaces and natural paths that lend themselves to refreshing walks and excursions in the unspoilt nature. The location allows you to visit things and places of interest in a few distance, in fact from Borgo Pirolino, Orvieto is only six kilometers far and in a few minutes you can reach areas of great tourist interest including : Lake Bolsena, Civita di Bagnoregio, Torre Alfina, Viterbo and Todi. The farmhouse also produces an excellent extra virgin olive oil, called “Pirolino.”

HISTORY – The name Pirolino is the result of a history that began long ago, a story that smells of the past, of friendships and family. Pirolino and Prospero are the nicknames of two brothers, our grandparents, the two “typical characters” to anyone they knew: Pirolino, the elder brother and the first tohave left us, it was so called because of his desire to go around like a top, Prospero and his younger brother, the character … be  ‘highly flammable say …like a match or prosperous (in dialect Orvieto) he always used to keep in her mouth to avoid smoking. Our grandparents have chosen to live their lives together forever, in one house with his wife and children .. and not only … in an era when the word was enough, and they became brothers to share a fate not always happy. Pirolino and Prospero were indeed always ready to welcome anyone who asks for help, a house, a bed, or wine and good food which never failed. Looking for a simplicity never eccentric, but that comes from the fruit of our roots, our earth green, pink sunsets from our memories….